TransElectric: DEI Talk

Cid is a highly regarded public speaker, appearing at conferences, organizations, colleges and universities.

His talk TransElectric (the title of his forthcoming memoir) gives the listener unique insight into being a transgender person, through Cid's authentic, honest, at times humorous approach in sharing his powerful story and songs.

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The Gender Line: Life in Transition 

A workshop with film, story, and song on the experience of being a woman in a man’s world and a man in a woman’s body. 





Singer/songwriter and two-time Grammy nominee Cidny Bullens spent decades in the music business as Cindy Bullens. Cindy became a wife and the mother of two daughters, for whom, when they were young, she put her career aside.


Life took a tragic turn for Cindy in March of 1996 when her 11 year-old daughter Jessie died suddenly from complications from 4th stage Hodgkin’s disease. This devastating event changed the course of Cindy’s life forever.


In 1999, Cindy released her ground--breaking album Somewhere Between Heaven and Earth—ten songs portraying different moments of grief, survival, and resurrection--first as a fundraiser for The Maine Children’s Cancer Program and then as a world-wide commercial release.


The album became a critic’s darling and garnered several music business awards. Cindy appeared on The Today Show, CBS This Morning, Conan O’Brien among many other television shows and was featured in major newspapers and magazines around the country. Through this experience, Cindy saw the need to address the subject of the death of child, from a personal and human perspective.


That same year, Cindy started presenting her workshop/concert Somewhere Between Heaven and EarthGrieving Out Loud in colleges and universities, for hospice, palliative care, doctors, nurses, and cancer conferences and events around the world, and to of course bereaved parents. During the next fifteen years, Cindy continued performing her workshop, recorded more albums, and toured the world extensively.


In July 2011, Cindy faced another seemingly insurmountable challenge. After a lifetime of feeling like “a man in a woman’s body”, she had a sudden jolt of realization that she had never faced the one issue that was at the core of her being. Very shortly thereafter, Cindy changed her name to Cidny, and began the slow process of transitioning from female to male, coming out publicly as transgender with an article in the online news outlet The Daily Beast in June 2012.


In 2014, Cidny started writing his first one person show Somewhere Between: Not An Ordinary Life and in early 2016 began performing it around the country to rave reviews. Performing his one person show led to the filming of a documentary short, The Gender Line, directed by TJ Parsell, which, in 2019, has been selected by twelve major International Film Festivals around the world (so far), gathering three “Best Of” awards. It continues to be showcased today.


Also in 2019, Cidny recorded his first album as his new self, released worldwide in August 2020.  The ten songs on Walkin’ Through This World reflect Cid’s years in transition, though like the album Somewhere Between Heaven and Earth, the songs are musically, lyrically and emotionally universal. Here is a link to the single's video from the new album, "The Gender Line" (not to be confused with the documentary short),  released in July 2020,


Now Cid is yet again telling his story and bringing his human experience in service to others. 


The Gender Line: Life in Transition is a 90 minute presentation featuring the 13 minute documentary short film The Gender Line, after which Cidny will perform his songs livesharing his story and experience throughout, following by a Q & A.


Watch the documentary short here within the Washington Post article:


Cid also speaks on Music & Culture and teaches masterclasses on Songwriting.



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